About Aerstrum

Aerstrum is a fictional galaxy created by Restius Trent, and the rest of the Aerstrum team.


The current year is 3105 GY (Galactic Year). The planet of Elindel orbits the Soltira star with it's four moons: Ankorii, Orendas, Narendil, and Havestra.

On Elindel itself, the Durmont Empire has controlled two entire continents for nearly forty years, and the nations on the continent of Alitreo are tired of the oppressive actions of the Durmont Empire and the call for a rebellion is growing leaps and bounds.

On Orendas, the Second Unata Reef War is winding to a close, with the Haaratu Confederacy finally thwarting off the last major offensive by the League of Vexano.

Ankorii remains rather undeveloped, Havestra has yet to be explored, and Narendil has a small outpost built on it that is controlled by the Durmont Empire.

Community Goal

Our goal is to create a galaxy that is living and breathing with input from the community. While we are still developing the foundation of the galaxy, this goal will be more constricted, but as content grows and develops we will be able to add more ways the community may get involved.

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