Aera, the magic of Aerstrum

With Aerstrum still in the process of being defined, there's a lot of new ideas and features we've discussed on implementing. Aera is one such feature and has become a core component of what makes Aerstrum so unique! Aera, at its basic form, is what we call magic in Aerstrum. and the Sentia species of Aerstrum are able to harness the power of Aera for better or worse.

Up until the Galactic Year 1540 (the current Galactic Year is 3105), Aera was considered to be merely mythological. It was during that year that a young girl discovered a cave filled with Geiyus crystals on Elindel, this discovery led to many experiments with how Aera worked and what their limitations were. Needless to say, there were also a plethora of experiments, some forced, that resulted in unfortunate accidents during this time. Naturally, as Aerancers began to pop-up they were quickly recruited on the battlefields for both destruction and healing.

The Art of Aerancy

Aerancy, which is the term that is used for people who are able to use Aera, is limited to people who are enlightened, or chosen, to be able to use Aera. These people are called Aerancers. Significant studies have been done on Aerancers to figure how or why Aerancers are chosen, and every study returned inconclusive results. Genealogy, environment, intelligence, and species all have been disproved as the key to becoming an Aerancer.

Using Aera

In order to use Aerancy, an Aerancer must have some type of jewelry (bracer, bracelet, anklet, etc...) in order to do so. When creating wrist-wear, Geiyus crystals must be placed in certain patterns on either Kerandian leather or Nerodium metal. These patterns impact what rubric an Aerancer may be able to use at that point. Aerancer's are able to switch jewelry. Furthermore, jewelry must be forged or repaired within places known as Baellus Circles.

When using Aera, Aerancers mentally picture what they are doing which results in the use of Aera happening and uses their hands to make that picture become a reality. For example: if an Aerancer wanted a fireball, they would picture it in their head, form it with their hands and then throw it toward their target.

Using Aera wears the Aerancer out by draining energy from them to power the crystal. Aerancer's must learn how to build up their tolerance to this drain to be able to cast spells more frequently and use more powerful spells. Using Aera also damages all parts of the jewelry over time, and Aerancers must repair their equipment to keep it in working condition.

Rubrics of Aera

As mentioned earlier, each piece of jewelry only allows the use of certain rubrics, such as fire, ice, or energy. While we are currently continuing to hash out the different rubrics of Aerancy, we are estimating six to possibly seven different rubrics.

Aerancer Hierarchy

Aerancers are very fond of their hierarchies. Most Aerancers adhere to the rules and policies of the Galactic Chamber of Aerancy. The ranks of the hierarchy are as follows:

  • Initiate
  • Adept
  • Disciple
  • Master

There are additional levels of masters based upon rankings within each nation and the Galactic Chamber


Last but not least in the discussion for today is Aeratech. Aerancers are able to fill Geiyus crystals with energy to be used by others at Baellus Circles. This ability is known as Aeratech, we'll get into more on this during another discussion, but for now, just know it exists!

Final Thoughts

We wanted to keep this subject brief but exciting. There's a lot of details still to be determined and much of what we discussed could have multiple articles written on them very easily! However, we thought we'd share some of what we have already to get feedback from you and to see what you think of Aera, please comment on any ideas, thoughts, and questions you may have.

Have an Aeraful day!

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