Authors Log: Overture Series Update #1

It's been a few months since the last news update on Aerstrum, but that does not mean things have been stale or forgotten by any means!

Since I first announced that the Overture Series was in the works there's been a lot of work going on in the background. Some has been focused on upgrading the website, getting the codex section up and running(ish), and some other features. But enough of all that technical jargon, let's talk about the stories.

Concept Art Cover for Search for Arenthor
Book Cover Concept Art for Search for Arenthor

The first book, Search for Arenthor, is currently in the process of undergoing another edit process by myself and some close confidants! I am looking to get it edited professionally before being published, but the cost for that has been a major drawback. I hope to do a Kickstarter after the next editing round. I'll also be searching for some more artists who might be able to help bring visuals to the story!

The stories in the Aerstrum Overture series cover the times of sentium before the First Galactic War. This war spread across the known galaxy more than was originally realized. It was a war that went beyond factions and into the core beliefs and knowledge that the people of Aerstrum had.

While we will get into the story of this First Galactic War at a later point, and the incredible and selfless acts of Canen and his followers, we turn our attention in Search for Arenthor to the planet of Elindel.

Elindel is considered to be the center, or capital planet of the known Aerstrum galaxy. Our characters live within the Kingdom of Galindrea, which controlled a chain of islands called the Dravis islands. These islands sat northeast of Alitreo, the third-largest continent on the planet.

Alitreo itself was home to the numerous nations controlled primarily by humans, but over the last forty years, it had been subject to the Durmont Empire, a nation run by wolvans from the southern continent of Narvia.

The Kingdom of Galindrea had managed to keep its independence from the Durmont Empire during their period of conquering the rest of Alitreo, but not without pain and suffering. It was during the Second Durmont Invasion fourteen years ago, that King Traxus and Lord Olengar Snaggletooth bravely fought side by side to repel the Durmont Empire.

It was also during this conflict that King Traxus’ wife, Queen Genivera was killed during the struggle. She sacrificed her life to protect King Traxus and her daughter, Princess Alestra.

Galindrea had healed many of its wounds from that dreaded day years ago. The nation was seeing tremendous growth, but the pressure from the Durmont Empire was impeding them again. A new Emperor was sublty pushing to subdue the last free nations of Alitreo.

It is here, that our story picks up to cover the lives of Princess Alestra, Lord Olgenar Snaggletooth, and a young man by the name of Haldren Bell.

As I continue to edit and update the book I will continue to keep y'all updated as much as I can. There are also several chapters written for The Stowaways, which will be the second book in the Aerstrum Overture series.

Have an Aeraful day!

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