Authors Log: Overture Series Update #2

Work is continuing on what would now be my third edit on Search for Arenthor. I was originally not a fan of doing a third edit (I've always done my essay's for college in one shot and they do just fine!), but as I develop some of the other stories for the Overture series, and start working on the story for the main chronicles, I can see areas where Search for Arenthor can improve.

Search for Arenthor Update

In the last update, I talked briefly about some of the main characters you'll meet within the story. Today I'd like to focus on Haldren Bell.

Early Concept of Haldren Bell and Rindley Trouthorn in the Dravas Forest

Haldren was a young man at the age of twenty-four and had a unique auburn hair color that frequently led him to become the object of ridicule for many jokes. His guardian as a child, a tortan named Ms. Yarva continually educated him and helped him to become the passionate man he was. Several months ago, shortly before her unexpected death, Ms. Yarva influenced Haldren to take a position as a bakery deliveryman in the town of Bravos.

He had been at the bakery for several months but just recently had earned the privilege of managing his own route. He was partnered with a grouchy hamdan who went by Rindley Trouthorn. Rindley was forty one years old and had fifteen kids.

While Haldren and Rindley didn't always see eye to eye, their route had already become rather successful. Haldren was a fast and efficient driver, always getting deliveries on time. Rindley was an amazing crane operator, getting wagons loaded and unloaded rather fast.

Haldren had been a little lost on what to do since the loss of Ms. Yarva. He had settled down near the town of Bravos, but generally slept within the delivery wagon that he now owned. He still owned the house that he grew up in in the outskirts of Jorina, but he couldn't bring himself to going there again.

Rindley also lived within Bravos, in the hamdan district. The district was crowded, as most rodan districts were throughout Alitreo. He always dreamed of having his own house outside the town limits, but that would never be an option with his current work.

Elsewhere in the Overture Series

Outside of Search for Arenthor, I have about 1/3 of the second book, The Stowaways, this book will cover a different set of characters located in and around Alitreo, but we'll get into more on that later!

The other two books are getting close to having their outlines complete, and together the four books will work together to really connect the galaxy as a whole leading up to the first book of the main story-line.

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