You most likely have never heard of the galaxy of Aerstrum, or the people that live inside of it. This story and several others to come will introduce you to some of the people that make the galaxy so intricate and inspiring.

Unlike the world we know, Aerstrum has a vast array of sentient species, called sentia, that bring the galaxy to life in a way mere humans could never do. These sentia may remind you of the animals that you are familiar with in your own world. Aerstrum also has a special power, or magic if you will, called Aera. Aera has helped the inhabitants of the galaxy go places that we can’t imagine, it’s given some of them mighty powers, and it’s brought both blessed times and turbulent times to the people of Aerstrum.


This story takes place on the planet of Elindel, a planet that is currently considered the center, or capital planet, of the Aerstrum galaxy. This consideration of Elindel being the central planet may change after the seventh divergent, but that has always been a choice of opinion for scholars.

The stories in this series, cover the times of sentium before the First Galactic War. This war spread across the known galaxy more than was originally realized. It was a war that went beyond factions and into the core beliefs and knowledge that the people of Aerstrum had.

While we will get into the story of this First Galactic War, and the incredible and selfless acts of Canen and his followers, we turn our attention to the nation of Galindrea, which controlled a chain of islands called the Dravis islands. These islands sat northeast of Alitreo, the third-largest continent on the planet.

Alitreo was home to the numerous nations controlled primarily by humans, but over the last forty years, it had been subject to the Durmont Empire, a nation run by wolvans from the southern continent of Narvia.


The Kingdom of Galindrea had managed to keep its independence from the Durmont Empire during their period of conquering the rest of Alitreo, but not without pain and suffering. It was during the Second Durmont Invasion fourteen years ago, that King Traxus and Lord Olengar Snaggletooth bravely fought side by side to repel the Durmont Empire.

It was also during this conflict that King Traxus’ wife, Queen Genivera was killed during the struggle. She sacrificed her life to protect King Traxus and her daughter, Princess Alestra.

Galindrea had healed many of its wounds from that dreaded day years ago. The nation was seeing tremendous growth, but the pressure from the Durmont Empire was impeding them again. A new Emperor was sublty pushing to subdue the last free nations of Alitreo.

This story will reflect on the events that happened to three Galindreans during this time. The first is Princess Alestra.


Princess Alestra was twenty years old, and her father, King Traxus was sixty-two at the start of this story. As King Traxus grew continually older he was worried about handing the Kingdom over to his daughter, not because she couldn't handle it, but because of the times in which they were living. He could feel the pressure of the Durmont Empire and a new Queen would be a prime time for them to strike. Additionally, Lord Olengar was continuously requesting temporary control of the throne until the Princess had gone through more training.

Aside from the loss of her mother, Princess Alestra had a pretty quiet childhood. Her governess, Lady Eloise Rendara, had done a tremendous job raising the Princess, and providing her with all the knowledge and skills she would need to run the kingdom. Lady Eloise was in her middle ages for a tortan, at only one hundred and two years old. She had already been governing the royal family for three generations now and was prepared to start for a fourth-generation once the Princess found a suitor.

Princess Alestra herself had grown in confidence and understanding of how to run the country, but knew that there were many of the Galindrean nobility that supported handing the Kingdom to Lord Olengar until she was twenty-five. She had heard from her supporters that Lord Olengar had no intent of surrendering the Kingdom back to her, and has grown continuously weary of trusting him.


At the ripe age of forty-three, Lord Olengar was in his prime for a wolvan. He had risen to the rank of Archduke, controlling and managing the kingdom at will, and answering only to King Traxus.

Under Lord Olengar, Galindrea had grown economically as he worked to help unite all the Dravis islands permanently under King Traxus, as well as grow trade with the powerful Aldestan Union to the north, the city-state of Handoven to the south, and other nations from the moons of Elindel.

It was also through Lord Olengar that public opinions of wolvans grew favorable, as many distrusted them from the attacks eighteen years ago. Through this, the wolvan population in Galindrea was growing substantially and some concern grew within the kingdom. This fear had grown stronger in recent years, especially with the increase of wolvan thieves and pirates terrorizing the islands.

Lord Olengar himself had become increasingly obsessed with finding the lost island and city of Arenthor. He believed that there was a powerful Aera artifact that could allow him to control more than he could ever do on his own.


Haldren was a young man at the age of twenty-four and had a unique auburn hair color that frequently led him to become the object of ridicule for many jokes. His guardian as a child, a tortan named Ms. Yarva continually educated him and helped him to become the passionate man he was. Several months ago, shortly before her unexpected death, Ms. Yarva influenced Haldren to take a position as a bakery deliveryman in the town of Bravos.

He had been at the bakery for several months but just recently had earned the privilege of managing his own route. He was partnered with a grouchy hamdan who went by Rindley Trouthorn. Rindley was forty one years old and had fifteen kids. Rindley's only goal was to deliver goods and get home at night.It is here, on Haldrens first delivery to the royal city of Galien, that we begin our journey, and a preface to the greater story that is to come.

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