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Aera is the magical power that was discovered in the Aerstrum galaxy around 1540 G.Y. by a young girl near the city of Ridora on Elindel.

Following the discovery, Aera began rapidly changing the technology on Elindel. Those who had the natural ability to use Aera were called Aerancers, others who didn’t have that ability were able to use aera through Aeratechnology, a process where crystals were charged with aera and used in machinery and tools.


The origins of where Aera comes from, and how it exists within the galaxy is undetermined. Some scholars believe its just a basic fabric of the galaxy, similar to everyday minerals. Others, however, believe that there are physical locations where Aera pulses from, such as the shattered moon of Havestra.

Use of Aera by Mortals

The use of Aera requires at least two key components. The existence of a Geiyus crystal, and the Geiyus crystal being encased in either Kerani leather or Nerothian ore into items called geillery.

Rubrics of Aera

There are several different rubrics in Aera. These rubrics each align with a specific color of Geiyus crystal.

  • Fire – Red Geiyus Crystals
  • Water – Blue Geiyus Crystals
  • Air – White Geiyus Crystals
  • Energy – Yellow Geiyus Crystals
  • Ground – Green Geiyus Crystals
  • Life – Pink Geiyus Crystals


Aera can only be used directly by Aerancers, a name for the 2% of people that are able to use Aera.


Aeratech is a technological line that stems from empowering crystals with Aera. Once a crystal is empowered, it can be used by anyone. Aeranics, are people who specialize in using these empowered crystals for technical and mechanical use.

Empowered crystals lose their charge over time, meaning an item run on Aeratech can “run out of fuel”.

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