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Aerancy is the practice of Aera being used directly by certain group of people referred to as Aerancers. Aerancers account for between 2-5% of the population of Aerstrum.


Aerancers are sentiums that are able to use Aera to cast spells. How one becomes an Aerancer is still undetermined, with all scientific studies proving inconclusive.

The leading theory is that sentium are endowed with the ability to harness Aera at some point within there life. There has been cases with those who were previously not endowed becoming endowed. There has yet to be any cases of a sentium losing their endowment.

Casting Spells

To use Aera, an Aerancer must have a piece of . This geiwear must be crafted within the vicinity of a Verusian Circle, otherwise it has no affect.

Casting spells does not require any sort of words or spellbooks, instead it requires geiwear to be on their body. They must then visualize what they are trying to do while also using their body to mimic what they are doing.

For example, if an Aerancer wants to cast a fireball at a tree, they would mimic throwing a fireball toward the tree while wearing geiwear that contains a red geiyus crystal. The fireball would then flow from the direction of the Aerancer at the spot of the crystal and then toward the object.

It’s important to note that the location of the crystal, the mental capacity of the Aerancer, and the motions of the Aerancer all impact the effect of the spell. An Aerancer that barely motions to throwing a fireball will only throw it a few feet. Likewise, if they envision a small fireball, several small fireballs, or a large fireball, that is what will flow from the crystal.

Concentration and Resilience

One of the biggest challenges of being an Aerancer is building the mental capacity, or concentration to handle spells, as well as the resilience to be able to cast spells for a long period of time.

Casting spells draws on a sentiums brain and air capacity. While it doesn’t hurt an Aerancer in the long-run, it can cause them to be physically worn to the point that they can be knocked out or go into coma’s for extended periods of time.


Geiwear is the categorization of different types of clothing, armor, and jewelry that is worn by Aerancers that allows them to harness the power of Aera and cast spells.

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