Geiytech (guy-tech) is the process of using the power of aera as technology. When a geiyus crystal is empowered by an aerancer, it stores a charge similar to a battery.

Geiysmiths are then able to use this charge to create different types of technology such as modes of transportation, weapons, shields, or other types of unique technology.

The first known use of geiytech goes back to 1435 G.Y. when several Renstanian scientists successfully created a protective shield that was portable and able to be used by their troops. This invention reshaped the Lindrasi wars resulting in a stalemate the ended the war in 1438 G.Y., and surge in geiytech that quickly began to spread across all of Elindel.


Geiysmiths are those that work on geitech. Unlike aerancers, geismiths can be anyone and they do not need to be endowed with the gift of aera. There are different types of geismiths that are available. Some geismiths may work on or near verusian circles, helping to create geiwear or charge geiyus crystals. Others may use the charged geiyus crystals to create machinery and tools to enhance the life of those around them or for weaponized uses.


Geitech has led to massive technological advancements in the Aerstrum universe. The ability to move ships in the water, underwater, in the air, or space have become more commonplace. Communication across a variety of different distances is possible as are electricity and other amenities.

In addition, Geitech has had a major impact on combat, where there is often a mix of hand-to-hand and ranged combat.

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