Sentia is the scientific classification for sentient species. Scientists have created this classification separate from fauna, since there have been well over fifty types of sentia, and even more sub-species of sentia discovered throughout Elindel and Orendas.

Scientists further believe they will find additional sentia on Kalitriia through preliminary studies and observation. However, this theory has not been confirmed.

Sentia Classification

Most scholars have agreed that there are several key attributes that classify a family or species as sentia as opposed to fauna. These attributes include:

  • The ability to create or understand languages
  • The ability to solve mathematical equations
  • The ability to be artistic
  • The ability to construct objects beyond shelters
  • The ability to use Aera

All species that have been classified as Sentia have proven each of the above attributes to be true.

Diagram of known Sentia species and their fauna counterparts


In addition to meeting the classifications of being a sentia species, there is also the additional classifications of dominant, independent, and subservient species. This classification, however, is often a point of controversy among many species.

Dominant species are those that have proven to be generally more powerful and advanced than other species. Most of these species have gone through, or are going through an empirical era, where they are able to control large amounts of land through war or have a large area of political, economic, or cultural influence.

Independent species are those that often live isolated with their own species, or even live in isolation from one other. These species can hold their own, as well as can choose to live with other species. They aren't considered dominant because they don't generally have other species rally behind them.

Subservient species are generally dependent on the technology and advancements of the dominant species. These species generally don't have their own form of governments and have generally blended into an existing dominant species through being conquered, or other influential motivations.

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