The Wolvan is a dominant species in the Canivan family. They live primarily on the continent of Narvia, on the planet of Elindel.

The wolvans fauna counterpart is the wolf.


Wolvan habitation is typically a mix of settlements with nomadic tendencies. Established settlements are normally places of importance, such as nation capitols, areas of commerce, and strategic locations.

Most settlements are expansive with blocks of homes surrounded by large vacant areas for migrant tribes to rest within a settlement's border for security. The largest settlement is known to have nearly one million permanent residents.

Migrant tribes typically consist of a kinship of wolvans led by a tribal leader. These tribes range around several thousand, and the largest tribe was known to have reached twenty-thousand wolvans at one point.



In general Wolvans are a hairy species that stand near 7 feet tall.

Life Cycle

Wolvans have an average lifespan of 66 for females and 50 for males. They are considered below-average lifespan for sentia species.

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