The Hamdan is a subservient species in the Rodan species. They are found all throughout the planet of Elindel.

The Hamdan fauna counterpart is the Hamster


Hamdans will normally build their own suburbs within settlements of dominant species. They prefer building their homes and businesses within solid dirt, or wood, which many dominant species find helpful since they are able to find ways to reuse dirt moved from other construction projects.

However, hamdans will also build their suburbs to their specifications, often making it hard or impossible for larger species to visit or see these suburbs.

Outside of Hamdans typically build settlements within hillsides, using natural dirt and structure to build homes and businesses on top of one another. They will also build tunnels connecting several hills together.

It is not uncommon to find Hamdan hill-towns outside of a dominant species settlement.



In general Hamdans are a furry species that stand near 3 feet tall.

Life Cycle

Hamdans have an average lifespan of 48 for females and 45 for males. They are considered below-average lifespan for sentia species.

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