Introducing the Aerstrum Overture Series

I'm pleased to announce that the first series of Aerstrum books will be called Aerstrum Overture. The first book in the series will be called Search for Arenthor, and this is in the stages of being reviewed by the Aerstrum team, and some close friends!

Search for Arenthor covers the story of three characters within the Kingdom of Galindrea, a nation of islands located off the northeastern coast of the Alitreo continent.

Concept Cover Art for Search for Arenthor

The story will intertwine the stories of these three characters, Haldren Bell, Princess Alestra, and Olengar Snagglethorn, as they try to find the lost island of Arenthor, and understand its importance to the safety of the Kingdom. It is set a lighter reading level, with only 100-120 pages (6"x9" size) and is rather clean in terms of excessive violence. This story, like others in the Aerstrum Overture series, is meant to help familiarize you with the world of Aersturm, as well as pave the way for the main storyline.

Below is a list of planned books for the Aerstrum Overture series and their release order for what we have in mind:

  1. Search for Arenthor
  2. The Stowaways
  3. Exploring Kalitriia
  4. Deep Curiosity

Our goal with the Aerstrum Overture series is that we will be able to help readers understand the world of Aerstrum, as well as introduce key characters that will exist in the main saga along with the struggles that they will face. All four books will take place around the same time, and Exploring Kalitriia will also have some overlap with the first book of the main storyline that is also in the process of being written.

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