The Planet of Elindel

Our stories for the Aerstrum Galaxy begin on the planet of Elindel, an Earth-like planet. As mentioned before in our first post on Aerstrum, Elindel has 4 satellites that orbit it and will have 6 major continents that grace its surface. We'd like to take some time now to share some details about the geography, society, and other things that we find interesting about Elindel.

Geography of Elindel

Concept height map of Elindel using Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator

We've been using Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator to create the surface of Elindel, and it's been an amazing tool for us so far. It does have some support for underwater terrain, which will be crucial for when we start developing those societies, and when we start developing Orendas, one of the satellites of Elindel.

The climate and exact shape of Elindel will change, but its core design is something we're pretty happy with so far. The latest release Azgaar has done has helped us immensely and we look forward to the new changes we'll be able to create with it!

We anticipate the Elindel will have most of the biomes we are used to here on Earth, with some potentially unique environments in its oceans.

Society on Elindel

The three contients of Narvia, Alitreo, and Linendel.

Elindel will be home to 12 native races, as well as other races that have moved from Orendas. Some of these races will have developed very strong and central governments for their entire race, other races will have a variety of different nations that they belong to, and some races will essentially be primarily a part of other nations and races since they either don't have the drive or the means to survive on their own. With the addition of water-based societies, you will find that the politics of Elindel will quickly become rather muddy (pun intended), especially in land/water ownership, and that some nations will have to work together in order to survive on Elindel.

The first book we plan on releasing, currently called The Search for Arenthor will focus on the Kingdom of Galindrea. Galindrea is a small Kingdom that controls the Dravis Islands, located off the east coast of Alitreo.

The island nation of the Kingdom of Galindrea

Within this book, you will also start to hear about some of the politics that are happening on Alitreo, as well as learn of the latest happenings of the Aldestan Union, the largest and most influential nation on Elindel, located on Linendel.

Satellites of Elindel

Elindel with it's 4 satellites

As we mentioned before, Elindel will have four satellites: Anokorii, Orendas, Narendel, Havestra. Each of these satellites has unique environments that have either proven challenging to colonization or have introduced new races and species to the citizens of Elindel.

  • Anokorii is the closest satellite to Elindel and is considered very similar to the moon that we know of on Earth. Anokorii to this point in our story has not been successfully colonized due to its lack of an environment
  • Orendas is an ocean planet, with only a small area of land available. Orendas has several new races and species on it and is the only other satellite that is considered naturally habituated.
  • Narendel is a very rocky and crystal-rich planet with a weak environment. It has been colonized by a nation from Narvia in recent years, but its future is still to be determined.
  • Havestra is one of the planets that are referred to as a shattered planet. Unlike traditional planets, Havestra is an extremely abnormal planet that orbits in reverse of other planets. Its also been known to adjust its orbit to "move out of the way" of other planets or objects. We'll get into more detail on what shattered planets are at a later point.

Final Thoughts

Well, that's all we have to share for this update, We look forward to hearing what you think of Elindel!

Have an Aera-ful day!

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