Welcome to the New Aerstrum

Welcome to the new (and improving) Aerstrum. The Aerstrum journey has been long and tedious, and just about everything has changed from my original ideas. It is now time that I re-introduce the Aerstrum galaxy to everyone, and there's no better way to do it than simply starting from the ground-up.

With my re-dedicated focus to the galaxy after years of going back and forth, I've been able to bring on some old friends to help out with designing the world, we've also set up a new Discord server, and encourage you to join us there. The Discord server will help to promote and stimulate discussions so that the world is really developed in a collaborative way.

The Aerstrum Galaxy Today

Aerstrum is at this point a continually evolving and developing story and galaxy. I anticipate many of the details to change as the lore development squad continues to build upon and enhance what is in place.

With the primary saga having two books nearly outlined on where the galaxy is going for the future, we've begun developing what happened to get us there. For starters, the galaxy will have many different humanoid species and races that are influenced directly from animals we know and love here on Earth.

Concept Image of the "Hamden" race

We'll also be focused on the planet known as Elindel, which has four satellites orbiting it. Each satellite has unique features, and may or may not introduce several new species and races to the world. The map below is a just a brief view of the continents of Elindel, however, that is not final. Also, those nation names on that map are completely fictional and have nothing to do with our actual story. Those names are simply generated from the tool we've been using to develop the map

Early Concept of the planet Elindel.

I do hope to get to share more details with you soon, but for now, this is all I have to share!

What's Next?

So what can you expect in the weeks and months to come? First, we'll be releasing Chapter 1 of Aerstrum: Search for Arenthor. This will be first of many Aery Tales (it's our new phrase for Aerstrum fairy tales) that set the stage for our core storylines. We'll also be releasing information on a board game we are developing. the game is currently in an early testing phase.

That's all I have for now, I look forward to getting things up and running again for this universe! If you're interested in helping out, hop on Discord and ask us where you can pitch in! If you're interested in joining the team, please see our available opportunities.

Have an Aera-ful day!

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